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Hair Straightners - Our Technology

Our Technology

The technology behind H2D which looks after your hair and makes styling easier

H2D have pushed the boundaries of research and development to include state-of-the-art technologies in your new H2D products. However, what does it all mean? Read on to find out.


Tourmaline - the upgrade to ceramic plates

First it was metal, then it was ceramic. Now it’s tourmaline. This semi-precious gemstone is infused into the plate to provide some incredible hair care benefits. Not only does it result in an exceptionally smooth and snag-free surface to glide over hair, but it also produces millions of negative ions when heated thanks to its pyroelectric properties.

What are negative ions and why do they benefit hair?

Any form of friction within the hair can cause positive ions to build up, resulting in static frizz and an overall dullness to the hair. These ions can also open the cuticles of the hair, making it rough and unruly.

Negative ions counteract these positively charged ions and neutralise them. This allows hair strands to lie together smoothly and helps the cuticle layer of the hair to close up properly, thereby trapping in moisture and natural oils.

The result? Hair is softer, smoother and easier to control wit h that ‘just conditioned’ feel.

Tourmaline naturally produces millions of negative ions when heated, which is why we use it in all our hair care products. However, we also go one step further with an ionic generator.

ion field technology

The ionic generator – even more negative ions than tourmaline alone

The ionic generator – built into our hair dryer and hair straighteners - unleashes millions more negative ions to make your hair even softer, smoother and easier to style.

Infrared heater

H2D hair dryers and hair straighteners contain an infrared heater to emit heat in the infrared spectrum of light. These wavelengths of heat can penetrate much deeper into the hair – right through to the cortex. This heats and dries the individual strands of hair much faster than surface heat alone, allowing faster drying and styling without scorching the surface of the hair.

Infrared heat also penetrates the scalp, causing blood vessels to dilate. This improves circulation in the scalp to carry away toxins and encourage healthier hair growth with more nutrients and natural oils.

adjustable temperature

Adjustable temperature

The perfect temperature all depends on the existing condition of the hair. Some hair types can handle hotter temperatures, whilst others are best suited to slightly cooler temperatures. With H2D products, you can control the temperature to fine-tune it to your hair. Our hair dryers contain 4 different speed and heat settings, whilst our straighteners and X3 curling wand can be digitally controlled.

This level of control ensures that you can always find the perfect temperature for your hair, from the lowest setting right up to intense salon-strength heat for quick drying or styling.

Rapid heating

H2D products contain powerful components to dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for your products to heat up. Reaching max temperature can now only take seconds so you spend less time waiting and more time styling.

What are the combined results of all these features?

  • Smoother hair 
  • Softer hair 
  • A more conditioned feel 
  • Easier to style 
  • Quicker to style 
  • Faster to dry 
  • More gentle on hair 
  • Easier to achieve salon-quality results

This is why we have spent years researching the latest technological developments to include in our products at H2D.