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Premium Hair Straighteners

H2D's luxury hair styling range includes two premium hair straighteners - Ionic Original Hair Straighteners and Ionic Wide Hair Straighteners, both feature ionic and infrared technology to give you the finest quality results.

Our hair straighteners have been specifically designed to protect the health of your hair so you can be assured that while you style the end result will be silky-smooth hair that's soft, shiny and healthy.

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Using your Premium Hair Straighteners

There’s a reason that hair stylists often refer to their hair straighteners or hot irons as ‘stylers’ – this is because they can do so much more than straighten your hair.

While our Premium Hair Straighteners are ideal for giving you ‘just walked out of the salon’ silky straight hair, you can also use them to create a whole host of other looks.

For messy beach waves, take big vertical sections of your hair; angle the premium hair straighteners with the handle end upwards and the straighteners pointing down. Starting near the root, put the hair between the straighteners, flip the straightener 360 degrees and then slide it through your hair, releasing the straightener just before the end. When finished, run your fingers through your hair to give it a messy, straight from the beach look.

Or why not try glamorous vintage waves? Repeat the process above but instead of messing your hair up at the end, spray a paddle hairbrush with shine spray and brush through for loose, film star waves.

For the fun of an 80s disco, you don’t need a crimping iron to crimp your hair. Instead, try plaiting your hair in lots of small plaits, leaving approximately one to two inches at the root un-plaited. Spray a light mist of hairspray to your hair and let it dry, then clamp your hair straighteners tightly, flattening the plait, and run down the length of the plait two or three times. Leave your hair to cool, then unravel each plait and run your fingers through for a just-crimped look.