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H2D iR Hair Dryer

Drying your hair has never been so fast and kind to your hair – Introducing H2D’s next generation iR hair dryer with ionic and infrared technology, the platinum standard in hair styling. Lighter, more powerful with new ergonomic design and soft feel handle.

Are you tired of your usual hair dryer leaving your hair looking and feeling like straw? We have the solution! The H2D iR Hair Dryer is one of the few hair dryers in the world to use both true ionic and infrared technology, making it more gentle, efficient and kind to your hair.

Thanks to this innovative technology, your hair is dried extra-fast, leaving it light, smooth and silky soft with an unbeatable diamond shine. The H2D iR Hair Dryer is the hair dryer of choice for professionals and home users who want hair that looks and feels simply beautiful with less drying time.

The H2D iR Hair Dryer combines cutting-edge styling technology for healthier hair

Ionic generator – The H2D iR hair dryer contains an ionic generator which creates millions of negative ion particles. These particles then seal your delicate hair cuticles, infuse your hair with moisture, and leave it looking and feel silky smooth, without a bit of frizz in sight.

Infrared heaters – In-built infrared heaters allow heat to penetrate deep within the cortex of your hair shafts and heat each hair from the inside out. This relaxes each hair and reduces drying time while causing less heat damage than traditional hair dryers.

4 speed and heat settings – Provide gentle air flow to your hair or hit the max setting for salon-strength power to rapidly dry your hair until it’s silky soft and ready for styling.

Cold shot – Salon stylists often use this trick, styling your hair with hot air and then hitting it with a blast of cold air to ‘lock’ the shape and volume in place. The H2D iR Hair Dryer lets you do the same with the touch of a button.

The H2D iR Hair Dryer is one of the few hair dryers in the world to incorporate all four amazing features…

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The latest technology

Super-fast drying & silky hair


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Product Description


…but it doesn’t end there.
The H2D iR Hair Dryer also features:

  • High wattage from the extra-long life professional AC motor 
  • 2 different size concentrator nozzles
  • An ergonomic design for effortless control and maximum comfort
  • Dramatically reduced drying time
  • Three-year ‘new for old’ warranty


Shorten your getting ready time with the H2D iR Hair Dryer

Let the H2D iR ionic hair dryer rapidly dry your hair without causing any heat damage. Salon-strength power combined with cutting-edge ionic technology and infrared heating lifts excess moisture out of your hair whilst keeping it soft, sleek and beautifully smooth. Upgrade and buy your H2D iR hair dryer today and join the growing number of top stylists and home users who are part of our styling evolution.


Amazing hair dryerReview by Maisie
Absolutely love this hairdryer! Only got it a few weeks ago and I have had so many compliments on my hair! My hair is typically quite course and frizzy so it’s great to have a hairdryer that leaves my hair feeling super smooth and frizz free. It’s also super easy to achieve lots of volume and bounce and still keep my hair looking shiny. Also with having long hair, I have found the infrared heaters make the drying time so much quicker!

The hairdryer itself is beautifully designed and lightweight making it really easy to use. The different heat & speed settings are great for styling on all different hair types. (I have used it my cousins hair as well which is a lighter texture and it created the same results) :) It also comes packaged in a beautiful box which would make it a perfect gift!

Overall I’m so impressed with this hairdryer and would recommend it for all different hair types and at a great price! (Posted on 19/10/2021)
So goodReview by Kate
Drys my long thick hair much quicker than my previous hair dryer and leaves my hair in great condition. Highly recommended. (Posted on 11/04/2016)
Great item, well designedReview by Jack
Great item, well designed, ecenllext flow although we use it without the adapter as the airflow doesn't seem so refined. The cable is really long and this helps as we have 3 kids and two of them are at the age where they love to run and you have to catch them. =). There are no bad points that I can really think of maybe the only down point is you have to keep using the cooling button if you have the heat on full power because it gets REALLY hot!! Oh one other thing which is worth mentioning is the Ion shot on this hairdryer really works a treat, we've had other hairdryers with this function before but it never really seemed to make much of a difference, with this hair dryer it really does!!! My wife left the ion shot on by mistake and I came along and used the hairdryer afterwards not realising and POOF! Instant afro!! LOL 10/10 for this product! I can't really fault it! (Posted on 30/11/2015)
GreatReview by Georgie
I love this hairdryer! (Posted on 05/01/2015)

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