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H2D Magicurl Grand

Create bouncing curls and waves in seconds with the H2D Magicurl Grand, the next generation in curling wands - including ionic and MagicurlTM technology

The H2D Magicurl Grand curling wand can take your hair from flat to fabulous in just a few minutes. Simply wrap your hair around the wand, wait a few seconds and then let go to reveal a perfectly formed wave or curl.

This curling wand uses cutting-edge technology to generate negatively charged ion particles that will protect your hair and heat it evenly from the inside out. The Hollywood-worthy curls and waves you create will keep their shape all day and long into the night, looking silky smooth, full of shine and frizz-free.

The H2D Magicurl Grand uses state-of-the-art technology that’s changing hair styling for the better:

Tourmaline conical wand – Usually found in semi-precious gemstones, tourmaline is the next step up from ceramic when it comes to professional and at-home styling. The polished tourmaline-infused surface results in long-lasting touchable curls and waves that simply fall away from the wand. Tourmaline generates negatively charged ion particles that seal cuticles, infuse moisture, eliminate frizz and give your hair a gorgeous ‘just conditioned’ feel.

Infrared output – As well as generating ions, tourmaline outputs infrared heat, which evenly heats you hair from the inside out. This almost halves the heating time and significantly reduces heat damage.

Rapid, high-power adjustable heat – The H2D Magicurl Grand heats up to 220 degrees in a matter of seconds for salon-strength temperatures that will help your curls and waves hold their shape. Curl in moments but keep your style all day.

The H2D Magicurl Grand is one of the few curling wands in the world to incorporate all three features…

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The latest technology

Instant curls and waves


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…but it doesn’t end there:

The H2D Magicurl Grand also features:

  • Tapered 18mm-25mm wand features a lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Achieve curls of different sizes with just the one wand
  • Includes a free heat resistant glove
  • Three-year ‘new for old’ warranty
  • A salon-length 180-degree swivel cord that lets you style with ease from any angle

Your hair deserves the best in curling technology

If you’ve ever wanted salon-perfect curls that look red carpet ready then the H2D Magicurl Grand is your answer. This easy-to-use tapered curling wand can create as many curls and waves as you like in a matter of seconds. The innovative ionic technology, polished tourmaline surface and salon-strength temperature will all leave your curls look smooth, soft, full of life and simply stunning. Join the growing number of top hair stylists and home users who’ve upgraded to H2D curling wands.


Best out thereReview by Jayne
Best curling wand I have ever used, previously I used cheap high street curling irons which gave average results, this wand is in a different league. Fab curls and waves in seconds which last ages x (Posted on 07/04/2016)

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