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Curling Wands

Best Curling Wands

H2D's luxury hair styling range includes four of the best curling wands - all of them feature ionic and Magicurl™ technology to give you bouncing curls and waves in seconds while leaving your hair soft, smooth and shimmering. Choose from the Magicurl X3 or the Magicurl X5 curling wands with interchangeable tourmaline curling barrels to effortlessly create curls and waves of all shapes and sizes or the next generation curling wand the Magicurl Grand or Magicurl Waver Wand for perfectly formed waves or curls which are full of life, silky-smooth and will stay in shape all day. 

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The best curling wands hairstyles

Our best curling wands provide a surprising amount of versatility when it comes to styling your hair.

Why not try one of the following looks?

Curled away locks that curl away from your face are ideal for any face shape and work well with most hair lengths. Spray some heat protection spray on your hair once you’ve blow dried it, then curl your hair vertically in medium-sized sections away from your face. Keep working round your head until all your hair is curled. Once your curls have dried, mist your hair with a flexible hold hairspray. Finally, run your fingers through your hair to give it a lovely, tousled finish.

If you usually have a sleek bob, you could always change up your style with some playful curls. Our best curling wands feature either different size wand heads for different sized curls or a single tapered wand that can give you varying styles without needing to change the head. For a curly bob, apply some heat protection spray and a texturizing spray to your hair, then create a side parting. Begin curling your hair in a mix of medium to large sections in different curl sizes. Allow the curls to cool before applying some texturizing paste to the ends of each curl. Slightly backcomb the crown area to give your curls more volume and a slightly 60s feel, then spray with a medium hold hairspray.

Whether you want loose curls, vintage curls, tightly wound curls, or California waves, our best curling wands will help you achieve the perfect look.