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What’s not to love about this time of year? The sun’s shining and temperatures are rising. The chances are you’re feeling pretty relaxed at the moment – and your hair can too, thanks to our hairstyle of the month tutorial! In no time at all, you can achieve the kind of gorgeous, gentle waves that are absolutely perfect for the merry month of May.

This natural-looking style works well with most lengths of hair and is ideal for adding volume and bounce to fine hair. It’s a great look if you’re growing out a bob and have reached that tricky ‘in-between’ stage when your hair’s not quite short or long, because it’ll give your locks shape without looking fussy.

Another benefit of gorgeous, gentle waves is they’ll take you effortlessly from day to night.

gentle waves

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Well, the answer is quite simple. Over the years, whatever cosmetics companies may claim, and however good you may be at styling your hair, or however much you pay your stylist or cosmetic surgeon, one thing has remained true.

Good health looks good.

Since there has been craze after craze of super diets, from paleo to raw vegan, super exercise regimes from pilates to cross-fit, people now have really learned to distinguish between someone who is healthy and someone who is trying to look that way.

Your hair reflects your health, not least because the healthier you feel, the less you care about external appearances, and the more your external appearance takes care of itself - your hair included. Doing your hair up or dying it, or having highlights or curling or straightening will not hide the health of your hair.

By the same count, if you are extremely healthy, you want your hair to reflect that, of course. When you are healthy and your hair is too, you don't need so many products to let this health shine through, and a natural hairstyle will show off your hair's health to the max.

We think that the latest craze for natural hairstyles is part of the overall craze for fitness and vitality. Of course, staying fit is something we all have to attend to ourselves - no one will do it for us! However, we do have some tips for you on making the best of your hair and keeping it as healthy and radiant as you are.

natural hairstyles

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As you get older, your hair starts to change - as you may have noticed! There might be a peppering of white or grey, and hair on older heads tends to be a touch coarser and consequently harder to manage. These natural changes don't mean you have to give up on having gorgeous hair that makes you look and feel a million dollars, though - far from it!

All you need to do is move with the times. Get yourself a haircut that flatters your face and lifts your looks. Going for a shorter haircut is an excellent way to do this. When done right, short hairstyles can brighten your whole style and knock a decade off at the same time. Here are our favourite ideas for short hairstyles for older women. See if any of them tickle your fancy.

short hairstyles for older women

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Braids (or plaits as they're also called) are on the rise, and rightly so, thanks in large part to Jennifer Lawrence as Catniss Everdine in The Hunger Games. Braiding your hair is a simple way to create a hairstyle that looks beautiful and also keeps long hair out of your face. They can be fantastic for the hotter summer months, and there are so many different ways to wear them that you can literally create a new, braided look for yourself every single day.

The only tricky thing with braided hairstyles is getting the method off pat, so you can do it quickly and easily. First of all, you may need to practice a little. Other than that, these top 5 tips will help you along to way to creating braided hairstyles that look just fantastic. So let's get started.

braided hairstyles

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We're just heading into one of our favourite times of the year... wedding season! Along with the joyous sound of wedding bells comes the return of stylish up-dos as we get ready to look our best and celebrate happy days with happy couples.

So without further ado, we now pronounce this easy stylish up-do tutorial in session.

Twist and secure up-do

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Posted in Hairstyle of the Month By Nigel Metcalfe

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