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About H2D

Premium hair styling tools from the house of H2D

H2D pushes the boundaries of hair styling technology and quality to create class-leading products for salon and home use. Years of research and development by salon and hair care specialists has created state-of-the-art advancements to make styling your hair easier than ever before.

H2D is about more than just straightening, curling and drying

Hair styling products used to just be about the basics, but now they can offer so much more. Technologies such as tourmaline surfaces, ionic generators and infrared heaters not only make styling far faster and easier, but also condition your hair to leave it smooth, shimmering, silky soft and simply beautiful to both see and feel.

H2D is a luxury hair styling range for those who only want the best for their hair.

You don’t just get the product, you get the H2D experience

H2D is a premium hair styling range for those who only want the best for their hair, and with a premium product, you get the premium experience. All H2D products come with a 3 year ‘new for old’ warranty and you get access to our helpful customer support line for any enquires or advice.

Developed by people passionate about hair

Here at H2D, we have a true passion for hair. We listen to people just like you who are willing to invest in premium hair care for years of exceptional results. You don’t just pay for products, you pay for effortless curls, one-pass straightening and rapid drying – all whilst keeping your hair soft and silky.