There are so many fabulous things to remember about your wedding day; the love, the romance, the fun, being the centre of attention, surrounded by family and friends on your special day. There's the dress, the cake, and let's not forget, the hairstyle you choose.

Thankfully there is a virtually limitless choice of modern wedding hairstyles that you can choose from; it doesn't matter if your hair is short and curly or long and curly, and straight and fine or thick and wavy. You will have no problem whatsoever finding hairstyle ideas that you can fall in love with.

wedding hairstyles

Here are three of our favourite modern wedding hairstyles for 2015.


The Fishtail Braid for Long Hair

A fishtail braid is a loosely held braid that is styled in a way that makes the braid stand out a little more than a normal braid. It makes hair look thick and strong (think Rapunzel), while remaining beautifully feminine. 

This modern wedding hairstyle is perfect for hot summer wedding days because it keeps your hair up and out of the way! You can inject more Boho-romance into your look by leaving some curling wisps of hair hanging down to frame your face. This kind of style looks simply gorgeous with some flowers woven in and throughout the braid.


The Messy French Twist for Medium Length Hair

The French twist is a retro classic, but by letting the mess in and softening the whole style you have an ultra modern wedding hairstyle. Your hair is parted in the middle and given some soft waves and extra volume by using premium hair straighteners. The crown of your hair is teased to add extra height on top (think the 60's). Then the back section of hair is twisted up and held in place with strategically placed hair grips.

Any hair that has not been twisted up is curled into soft, wispy strands around your face. This hairstyle idea is fantastic for if you are going to be wearing a tiara as part of your wedding day look.


The A-Line Bouffant for Short Hair

Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to style short hair for a modern wedding hairstyle. Short hair can be a focal point for hair accessories and can really show off your make-up. You can create curls where once there were none, or keep it sleek and simple. One of our favourite wedding hairstyles for short hair is the A-Line Bouffant. 

You hair is parted on the side, and after making sure your hair starts completely smooth, beautiful curls are added - some tight and some loose. Volume is added at the base of the crown. This is a stylish hairstyle that, as with other short wedding hairstyles, lends itself to hair accessories such as flowers, sequins, feathers, jewels - anything you can think of!

Unique wedding hairstyles

With the professional hair styling tools we have today, really there is no hairstyle that you can imagine that can't be created! Let your creativity go wild, match up your ideas with what you know brings out the best in your look and you'll be well on the way to creating a unique wedding hairstyle others will wish they'd thought of.