One of the most prolific trends we have seen in 2015 is the growth (so to speak) of very short hairstyles. It used to be that femininity went hand in hand with long, flowing locks, but that is truly a thing of the past with the new pixie cuts, ultra short bobs and asymmetrical short hairstyles. These short hairstyles flatter your facial features, and are surprisingly adaptable with the hair tools and styling products we have on the market today.

Very Short Hairstyles

What is a Very Short Hairstyle?

A very short hairstyle is any style of cut that is chin length or shorter. There are so many different ways of wearing a very short hairstyle that it really doesn't matter what type of hair you have - be it thick, fine, curly or straight - there will be a short hairstyle that completely suits you and your personality.

The Advantages of Very Short Hairstyles

  • Short hair is perfect for a busy lifestyle. The amount of time that you have to spend washing, drying and styling your hair is dramatically reduced, leaving you free to go about your business in half the time.

  • The fact that you spend less time drying and styling your hair means that it will stay in tip-top condition for longer. In addition to this, if you invest in a quality hairdryer with an ionic generator and infra-red technology, your hair will not only dry in the blink of an eye, but it will be silky smooth and frizz free as well.

  • Very short hairstyles are a fantastic way to have a fun, personality-filled cut that makes you look super-confident and on top of your game.

  • It takes no time at all to change the mood of your look by styling your hair differently. For example you can go from a chic, smooth look to a jazzy, curled 'just got out of bed' look in about five minutes flat. Perfect if you want to change your day look to an evening look, but you don't have a lot of time.

  • Very short hairstyles look great with all kinds of hair accessories. You can really go to town and find some hair jewels you love, or a bandana, or ribbons to thread through your hair. All kinds of accessories look just fabulous, darling!

  • Very short hairstyles can make you look younger. You may find this difficult to believe, but having your hair cut short can have a similar effect to having a facelift! The new lightness around your face in contrast to having hair hanging down can really take the years off. It has also been said that having a very short hairstyle detracts from the appearance of wrinkles - which is certainly a plus in our book!

If you're interested in making the change and getting a very short hairstyle, get in touch with your hairstylist to discuss what the best options are for you and your hair. It may be helpful to take along some pictures of very short hairstyles that you love so you can talk about whether they are suitable for your hair type and your face shape.