We're just heading into one of our favourite times of the year... wedding season! Along with the joyous sound of wedding bells comes the return of stylish up-dos as we get ready to look our best and celebrate happy days with happy couples.

So without further ado, we now pronounce this easy stylish up-do tutorial in session.

Twist and secure up-do

An Easy, Stylish Up-Do

The thing we love about this is that it only takes a few minutes to do, which means you're covered for any last minute wedding invitations or other formal spring festivities.

This style works best on hair that has been washed the day before. However, if you've just stepped out of the shower, don't worry. Just spray your hair with some dry shampoo or texturising spray once it has dried. Alternatively, quickly add some curls and waves  using your curling wand and these will also help your style to hold better.

What You'll Need

3 hairbands

Some kirby grips (use bigger ones if your hair is thick or particularly long).

Some hairspray (one can should be more than enough!).


First, create three hair 'sections'. Start by dividing your hair in two by drawing a horizontal line from the top of one ear to the other.

Use a hairband to put the bottom section into a ponytail.

Divide your remaining hair in two by creating a deep side parting, and putting these two sections of hair into ponytails. You should now have three ponytails: one at the bottom, one thin ponytail on one side, and one thick ponytail on the other side.

The Twist and Secure Technique

Take the hair that is in the bottom ponytail and create a loose bun by twisting your hair up and around your hairband. Get this fastened in place using your kirby grips.

Next, take the larger top ponytail, remove the hairband and start twisting this in the direction of your deep parting. So, for example, if your parting is on the left-hand side, you want to be twisting your hair over to the left. If it's on the right, twist to the right.

When you have twisted this length of hair all the way to the bottom, wrap it around the bun you have already created and secure with grips.

Finally, take the last section of hair,remove the hairband and start twisting it all the way to the ends, and then wrap this around your bun and secure as well.

And that is it. We did say it was easy!

Once you have all your hair secured you can play around with it. You could add more grips to create a smoother and sleeker look. Or, you can pull some strands out around your face for a more relaxed version.

Extra tip: this is also a great hairstyle to use if you don't have time to dry your hair in the morning!

Another reason we wanted to share this simple up-do is because once you get the hang of being able to twist different sections of your hair and securing them, you'll start to find that you can create more styles of your own which look beautiful and are perfect for the warmer months that are coming up.

So give this a go and, when you've mastered it, start seeing what other looks you can come up with using the twist and secure technique! And remember, you don't have to be going to a wedding to treat yourself to a posh barnet!