Winter is finally starting to recede, and the scent of spring is in the air. The days are getting longer, and the daffodils are here in full force. We feel like the perfect hairstyle for this time of year should be lighter, bouncier and full of the joys of spring!

What better hairstyle than these bouncy, tight ringlets? They will give you with a 'spring' in your step - as well as in your hair! You can either create the style using heated styling tools, or you can opt for one of the 'no heat' methods.

 tight ringlets

For this tutorial, we'll be focusing on using a heated curling wand. The benefit of using a curling wand is that you will get your desired curls a lot quicker and the curls will last for longer. However, if you are interested in taking the 'no heat' approach, just Google 'how to make tight ringlets with rags' and you'll find yourself some instructions.

But back to our curling wand technique - here's the step by step of how to get the look:

Step One

You'll need a curling wand, obviously. As you'll be making a lot of curls, it's really important that you use a good curling wand with a tourmaline barrel. This will mean you are caring for your hair at the same time as curling it! You'll need a small barrel wand in order to create the tight curls.

Step Two

Make sure your hair is completely dry. This style works best if your hair has been washed the day before because it will curl more easily and hold better. If you have only just washed your hair though, that's fine, just make sure it's completely dry before you start.

Step Three

Part your hair in the place that you want your final parting to be and comb your hair thoroughly to make sure your hair is nice and smooth to begin with.

Step Four

It's best to start curling your hair at the base of your head. Use a few clips to pile the rest of your hair on top of your head so it's out of the way. Take small sections of hair (1/2 inch - 1 inch), and curl them around your wand, one by one. Make sure you curl them right from the roots to the tips.

Step Five

Continue doing this throughout the rest of your hair. Each time you have curled a section, make sure you leave it alone. Don't run your fingers through it or mess with it in any way. And absolutely do not spray any hairspray on your curls..... yet. This is a very common mistake. If you start using hairspray on your curls before they have fully set, they will simply drop out, and all your time will have been wasted.

Step Six

When you have gone through and curled all of your hair, go and make a cup of tea of do your make-up! You need to leave your hair well alone for 5 minutes - minimum - so the curls can set. After this time feel, free to use some hairspray and style as you wish!

And there you have it.

Six steps to gorgeous, bouncing ringlets that will last and last. Enjoy!