It seems that these days everyone is getting busier and busier. The tempo of modern life seems to ratchet up a few notches every month or so. However, the importance of looking and feeling your best has not diminished in any way! So for those of you who find you are rushing around in the morning to get ready, or you have minimal time to spend on hair styling for whatever reason, here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

hair styling

Give Hair Washing a Miss

Don't feel like you have to wash your hair every day for it to look good. In fact, if you don't give your hair a bit of time to let its natural oils build up, you will find that it quickly becomes dry and lack-lustre. Washing your hair once every couple of days is plenty. Trust us. You can always use some dry shampoo on the days you don't wash to give it a quick spruce!

Add Some Waves

It's very easy to create some beautiful curls in your hair the day after you have washed it. Curls hold far better in hair that is not squeaky clean, and this can be a quick and easy way to jazz up your hair styling in no time at all. Simply use a curling iron to add a few waves through your hair for a light and carefree style.

Never Underestimate the Ponytail

The humble ponytail has got to be the fastest and easiest hair styling method for those in a rush. However for just a couple of extra minutes you can turn this classic into a stylish and modern look.

Take the hair at the crown of you head, and pulling it straight up, blow dry your hair at the roots to start giving it some volume here. Then use a comb to back comb this area. Once you are done, pull your hair back into a ponytail while keeping the lift at the crown of your head. This will give you a sixties-style siren look with a whole lot of volume on top.

Love the Mess

When you haven't got much time for hair styling, it's generally a mistake to try and create something that looks perfectly polished in a short amount of time. Instead, embrace the mess! You can put your hair in a loose plait and let strands of hair frame your face. Or gather your hair into a messy knot at the back for a similar effect. If you have an extra couple of minutes you can add some curls to your face-framing hair strands.

Add Some Sparkle

Invest in a few beautiful hair clips that you love, but don't save them for special occasions! Put them to use immediately as a fast and simple solution to dressing up you hair in next to no time. However you want to wear your hair - up, down or any other way - simply adding a bit of sparkle will make it seem like you have spent more time dressing your do than you really have.

We often over-think hair styling. The fact is, you don't need to spend hours in front of the mirror to look good. Just a few touches here and there can be all you need. And don't forget, nothing detracts from your style and grace more than stress! So don't let your hair be the cause of it - keep it simple and get on with the important things in your life!