If you're like most women, you tend to cycle between growing your hair out, growing it long and cutting it short again. Perhaps it's something about the grass always being greener, or maybe we just like to change up our style. Either way, short hairstyles for women are always in demand, and there are lots of different styles that could suit you perfectly.

Even though it's just hair, deciding whether or not to go short can be difficult. After all, once it's off, it's off - and it takes a few months to a year to grow back out again if you don't like it.

So if you're stuck trying to decide whether or not to chop your locks or trim your tresses, here are a few of the pros and cons of short hairstyles to help you make your decision.


short hairstyles for women


The Pros of Short Hairstyles for Women...

  • Spend Less Money on Hair Products
    Less hair basically needs less products! This includes the amount of shampoo and conditioner you need as well as any finishing products. It's nice to not have to use a ton of products to keep your hair in shape.
  • Take Less Time to Style Your Hair
    Again, having less hair simply means that you won't have to spend as long styling it. In particular, the difference in time need to dry short hair compared to long hair can be up to half an hour - which, if you wash your hair every day adds up to a big time save.

  • Instantly Look Younger
    This is a good one! Having your hair cut short is akin to having an instant face-lift. You create an impression of lightness around your head and face which really shows off your eyes and smile.

  • You'll Have Super Healthy Hair
    A short cut will get rid of any dry or split ends, leaving you with only the shiniest and healthiest hair.

  • You Can Change Your Look Very Easily
    With a short hairstyle, you can go from a daytime to an evening look in five minutes. Small changes like giving your hair some funky spikes, switching the parting or adding some quick curls with some hair straighteners will transform your style. Finish off by adding some sparkling accessories and you're good to go.

The Cons of Short Hairstyles for Women...

  • Getting It Right
    When you cut your hair short, it's imperative that you go to a good stylist who is able to look at your face shape and your facial features in order to help you decide what type of short hairstyle will suit you best. Short hair can be extremely flattering when it's done right. If it isn't, well, it can be a disaster. So make sure you and your stylist are both completely agreed on what cut you're having even before the first cut is made.
  • Limited Styling Choices
    Although short hairstyles for women are many and varied, it stands to reason that there will be fewer things you can do with short hair than with long hair. Make sure you're ready to say goodbye to buns, ponytails, long plaits and other long hairstyles before you make the change.

Just about any woman can rock a short hairstyle. So, if that's what you really want, just go for it! You could be pleasantly surprised by how much you love the new freedom of having shorter hair, and let's face it, even if you decide you want to grow it long again there are a multitude of beautiful styles that you can create each step of the way as it grows out - so it's a win-win situation really.