As you get older, your hair starts to change - as you may have noticed! There might be a peppering of white or grey, and hair on older heads tends to be a touch coarser and consequently harder to manage. These natural changes don't mean you have to give up on having gorgeous hair that makes you look and feel a million dollars, though - far from it!

All you need to do is move with the times. Get yourself a haircut that flatters your face and lifts your looks. Going for a shorter haircut is an excellent way to do this. When done right, short hairstyles can brighten your whole style and knock a decade off at the same time. Here are our favourite ideas for short hairstyles for older women. See if any of them tickle your fancy.

short hairstyles for older women

The Soft Pixie

The soft pixie cut is a gem of a hairstyle for highlighting your face, lifting your features and slimming down your face. By keeping it a little longer around your ears and making sure the ends are wispy, you'll have a very feminine look that is incredibly flattering. Another benefit of the soft pixie is it takes very little styling in the mornings, and you'll save plenty of money on shampoo and hair products!

The Blunt Bob

Again, this is another simple style that is easy to look after. A light touch with some quality hair straighteners is all you need to be ready to go in the morning. A simple choice of hairstyle like this can look classy and stylish in mature hair. How so?

Well, one of the benefits of getting older is having more confidence in yourself; you've seen so many fashions come and go that you no longer try hard to fit into whatever the current fashion is. The blunt bob is all about looking sleek, poised and together. It's a classic and timeless look.

But it's also a fresh look that can be tailored to your hair and features. With a little layering or a slight angle cut into the length so it's shorter at the back, this is a style with many slight variations. Whichever way you choose to wear it, the blunt bob will give you the air of a woman who knows what she wants.

The Shag

If you're after something that's a bit funkier and has more movement to it, the classic shag is the perfect hairstyle for you. This style works best for women that have shoulder length, thicker hair. It involves lots of layers that can be styled or flipped or texturised whichever way you want. It adds a certain flirtatiousness to your look and works brilliantly if you have coloured or highlighted hair.

As we get older our hair just needs a little extra care and attention, just like us! Getting the right hair cut can work wonders, and going short will get rid of any dry ends.

A few extra tips for you... make sure you stay hydrated and eat plenty of healthful food to help your hair look fantastic. In particular, find a recipe for a great home-made bone broth. Bone broth is chock-full of great nutrients for your hair and your skin like collagen. Yes collagen! Eat right, get plenty of exercise and get yourself a gorgeous hairstyle, and you can make this your best year yet.