2015 has brought with it an explosion of short, curly hairstyles that call to mind old, familiar styles but have an injection of modern attitude. The best example of a short cut that has re-emerged with a funky edge is the new pixie cut.

The pixie cut first became popular in the 1950's thanks to on-screen (and off-screen) siren, Audrey Hepburn. In the last decade, many celebrities have been seen sporting the pixie haircut. Think Charlize Theron, Rhianna and Emma Watson.

Short curly hairstyles

What is the Pixie Cut?

The pixie cut is not for the faint-hearted. However, nowadays we are seeing more women going for cuts that really show their personalities, so the pixie cut is not nearly as outrageous as it once seemed.

A good pixie cut is very short around the back and sides of the head with, usually, a little length left on top. It's not as severe as it sounds, though! Having a pixie cut really gives you the chance to show off your eyes and face. It lends itself to sultry, dark eye make-up and glowing skin. A pixie hairstyle shouts confidence is surprisingly feminine and oozes sex appeal.

How to Get the 2015 Pixie Cut

Short, curly hairstyles are making a massive comeback in 2015, and the upgraded pixie cut has got women rushing to the hairdressers. So what's new?

This year's pixie cut has more length at the front and top while keeping the short back and sides. It's more asymmetrical and layered to set your curls free. This short, curly hairstyle is more personal - more adapted to your own style, and the curls suggest a wilder abandon which transforms the sleek and polished, old pixie style to a 'just got out of bed', trendy mess of cool.

What If My Hair Isn't Naturally Curly?

Don't worry if your hair isn't naturally curly. This style is super easy and quick to recreate, using some 1-inch hair straighteners like our state of the art ionic hair straighteners.

You can completely personalise the way you wear your curly pixie cut by styling the curls yourself. Some women prefer their own short, curly hairstyle to have tight curls all over whereas other go for the softer, messier wave. Or you could even do a combination - it's up to you! It won't take you longer than 5-10 minutes each morning to create the short, curly hairstyle that matches your mood that day.

Don't Forget Hair Care

If you're going to be curling your hair every day, it's important that you use good hair straighteners that will not cause your hair to get dry and brittle. In particular, the best hair straighteners around use tourmaline plates that help to seal your cuticles and infuse moisture into your hair as you are styling. Make sure you also use some heat protective spray before styling to keep your hair in its best condition.

If you think the new pixie cut is the short, curly hairstyle for you, the best thing to do is Google 'curly pixie cut' and have a browse through some of the pictures to see which cut you'd like your hairdresser to do for you. Then get yourself to the hairdressers, double quick!