One of the best things about Christmas and the New Year, and, in fact, all the winter months, is the numerous parties that help to wile away the cold nights. It's great to glam up, get wrapped up and heading out to see your friends. Often, women with short hair will complain that there aren't enough ways that they can make their hair look different for a special night out. The truth is though that there are lots of hairstyles for short hair that will make you look and feel extra special for your night out!

hairstyles for short hair

Here are some super-cute examples for you...

Tone it Up

Nothing says 'party on' like some colour in your cheeks and some colour in your hair. Why not get yourself a temporary colour wash for your hair that will match your outfit. There is a fantastic range of colours available now that you can easily apply at home. Copper tones look wonderful in winter. Or you can go for something more striking and add some blue, pink or even green!

Go Asymmetrical

Hairstyles for short hair are often cut with a particular hair parting that you are supposed to stick with. Throw caution to the wind, get a thin comb and style a new parting that zig-zags its way across your head. This will change the way your hair sits, give it a lot more volume and really add some funkiness to your short hairstyle.

Add Ringlets

Most hairstyles for short hair still have a little length either through the top or all over. Grab whatever length you have and use a curling wand to create tight ringlets throughout your hair. Tight, bouncy curls can give a fantastic lift to your overall look and give a lively, up-beat feel to your hair.

Be a Boho Babe

Hairstyles for short hair are just made for the Boho look. All you need to do is find some gorgeous hair accessories that you love, like grips or hair bands. Get creative and choose some accessories that are colourful and will stand out against the colour of your hair.

You can match the colours to your outfit or your eye colour for the best effect. You might want to go ahead and add some curls to your hair first, and then use your accessories to bring some sparkle and life to your hairstyle.

Pump it Up

For those of you with a little 'punk' inside, why not go for ultra volume on top of your hair for a feminine mohawk. Use a wide barrelled round brush to blow dry your hair at the crown of your head, making sure you pull upwards as you dry. Apply some strong-hold hair gel or mousse to help it stay in place, and use hair grips to pin back the sides (if necessary).

There are so many ways to get your short hair ready for the party season. All you need is a little creativity and imagination! Don't be scared to push the boat out. In today's 'anything goes' fashion climate, there's nothing holding you back from creating a style that truly makes you stand out from the crowd. Go for it!