Winter is just around the corner, bringing with it colder weather, indoor heating and, of course, the party season! It's no wonder that this is the time of year when many people start to think of which new hair styles will be ideal to see them through the next few months.

This winter, the latest new hair styles are all about added texture, warmth and a little bit of funkiness! So here are four of the best new hair styles you can get for this time of year.

new hair styles

The 'Bob's-Just-Got-Out-Of-Bed' Style

Bobs have always been a classic hairstyle, but this winter sees them coming back in a massive way - only shorter and trendier than ever before. There are loads of celebs who have adopted this cut recently. Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung are a couple of new bobbers from the past few months.

Get your hair cut into an asymmetrical bob that falls just below your chin, and then add some waves and texture, and let it fall in whichever way it chooses. It's a free and wild cut that you can style to match how you're feeling each day.

A Full Head of Layers

New hair styles for longer hair involve lots of layers this winter. Forget about just having subtle layers towards the ends. Instead opt for a full head of graduated layers that start at chin level and go all the way through to the tips. Make them choppy. This winter is not about blending your layers in, but instead about making them stand out. Use some good hair straighteners to give the ends of each section of layer a twist to get a hairstyle that is full of motion and personality.

Winter Wonderland Curls

For anyone lucky enough to have long, curly hair, this new hair style is for you! After washing and conditioning your hair, scrunch dry your curls, add some mousse for hold and blow dry with a diffuser. Then create a smooth style fringe with a round hairbrush that falls neatly to the side. Finally, take small sections of your curly ringlets and pull them up over your head and pin them in place. This was you will create diagonal, criss-crossing patterns. Voila! You are now official a Snow Queen.

The Smooth and Curly

New hair styles don't always mean a new cut. This style is great for anyone with shoulder length hair. You are creating a look that is smooth through the top and middle and finishes with some bouncy curls at the bottom which sit comfortably on your shoulders. It's a simple style that looks festive and energetic!

Use a good flat iron through the tops and middle of your hair and then take small sections at the bottom, and using the same flat iron, give the last 2-3 inches a curl. Hold the style in place with some good hairspray - but don't use too much, it won't need a lot. Too much will take away from the bouncy, free look.

The most important thing to remember as winter sets in is to keep your hair moisturised. All that indoor heating and those cold winds can play havoc with your hair, causing frizziness and split ends. To combat this, treat yourself to an intensive conditioning treatment once a week. Make sure you always drink plenty of water and load up on colourful fruits and vegetables. This will help to keep your new hair style (and your body) looking and feeling great this winter.