Every New Year brings new resolutions, new plans and (hopefully!) a renewed outlook for all the possibilities that the future will bring. What better way to underscore your new resolutions and kick-start your mojo than with some new hair ideas; something that will remind you of the 'new you' every time you pass a mirror! This week's post brings you the hottest new trends straight from the winter catwalks. See if there's a little something here that will help you carry your inspiration with you all through the year.

hair ideas


The Waterfall Bun

The bun has been one of the best hair ideas to garner fashion status in the last few months. There are a variety of ways that you can wear your bun. High on the head is probably the most popular. The Waterfall Bun takes this classic look and adds a touch of the exotic, by leaving long strands loose to cascade down like a waterfall or a fountain. The strands are lightly curled - you can easily do this with curling wand or hair straighteners.

The Wet Look

This has got to be one of the most convenient hair ideas to date because all it requires is that you don't fully dry your hair! While your hair is still damp, comb it all backwards (without a parting), and secure either in a low ponytail, a plait, or a low bun. It's a sleek, powerful look that reduces your 'getting ready time' by half. You can add a little gel or mousse to keep it looking slick even when it's dried.

Curlier Curls

The soft beach waves look is out, and curlier curls are in. The trend is for more playfully styled hair - think ringlets, small curls and tight waves. There are a great many possible hair ideas here, just get curling!

Half-Up Hair

Having your hair half up and half down used to be something that you just did between the ages of seven and twelve. But now this the half up hairstyle is making a comeback, and we love it! Start by getting some good curls going all through your hair - they don't have to be neat, in fact, the messier the better. Grab around half your hair and secure it with a band, and then pull some curls loose so they frame your face. This is a very feminine look, but with a touch of Xena, Warrior Princess thrown in for good measure...

Healthy, Shining Hair

Without a single exception, all the winter catwalk hair was brimming over with health. Okay, so having healthy hair isn't one of the newest hair ideas around, but it is absolutely essential. So, no excuses! Get those dried ends cut off, and invest in some conditioning treatment to see you through the rest of winter. Make sure you are eating your fruits and vegetables and keep yourself well hydrated. Do these things diligently so that you, and your hair, will be healthy and shining from the inside out through the dark months.

There are many new hair ideas and trends hitting the catwalks at the moment, too many to name all of them here. Above all else there is a feeling of creativity and freedom. You can pretty much do anything that makes you and your hair look and feel good. You have a license to thrill. What can you do to create a 'new look' to match the 'new you' this year?