Well, the answer is quite simple. Over the years, whatever cosmetics companies may claim, and however good you may be at styling your hair, or however much you pay your stylist or cosmetic surgeon, one thing has remained true.

Good health looks good.

Since there has been craze after craze of super diets, from paleo to raw vegan, super exercise regimes from pilates to cross-fit, people now have really learned to distinguish between someone who is healthy and someone who is trying to look that way.

Your hair reflects your health, not least because the healthier you feel, the less you care about external appearances, and the more your external appearance takes care of itself - your hair included. Doing your hair up or dying it, or having highlights or curling or straightening will not hide the health of your hair.

By the same count, if you are extremely healthy, you want your hair to reflect that, of course. When you are healthy and your hair is too, you don't need so many products to let this health shine through, and a natural hairstyle will show off your hair's health to the max.

We think that the latest craze for natural hairstyles is part of the overall craze for fitness and vitality. Of course, staying fit is something we all have to attend to ourselves - no one will do it for us! However, we do have some tips for you on making the best of your hair and keeping it as healthy and radiant as you are.

natural hairstyles

Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

1. Go Natural. Why not set aside a weekend to give your hair a total rest from styling, from products, from heating at all. Your hair maintains its own natural oils which can be depleted from excessive use of products. Give your hair a chance to get its glow back by using either no products for a weekend, or only natural ones like lemon juice or bicarbonate of soda. You can finish your weekend off with a hot oil treatment or a leave-on conditioner while you relax in front of Netflix with a bottle of sparkling water.

2. Get the best kit! If you have to use heat, make sure you are using the best you can afford. The latest, top-of-the-range curlers and straighteners have carnelian heating plates that infuse your hair with negative ions while you style. The same goes for your brush and hair-dryer. These things are investments in yourself. It's not just that you are worth it, of course you are - your hair deserves to be treated well.

3. Drink plenty of water. It's the perennial piece of advice from anyone in the fitness or beauty game, and that's because it's 100% right!

A good balance of fluids in your system helps your body feed, oxygenate and maintain itself. It helps you to eliminate waste products and toxins. In turn, this helps you regulate your appetite, keeps you feeling fresh and upbeat through the day, and, most importantly keeps you and your hair from drying out.

4. And finally..... SMILE!

Researchers have proven time and again that a good attitude to life is the key to good health. Try and see the funny side of everything, keep in mind that happiness is your decision, and make the decision to be in a good mood - even when everybody else is being miserable. Let them! You've only one life, don't waste it being miserable and looking miserable. Happiness and health go hand in hand.

Hopefully these tips have given you a few pointers as to how you can love the ease and beauty of natural hairstyles too.