When it's cold outside, and a trip anywhere is likely to be met with wind, rain or even snow, it seems silly to spend your time creating complicated hairstyles that won't last. Your hair takes a bit of a hit in winter anyway, from the drying effects of indoor heating and being blasted by the elements outdoors. So, winter is the perfect time of year to go for natural hairstyles that are quick and simple to do, and won't be messed up by the first gust of wind.

natural hairstyles

Here are 3 natural hairstyles that you can try to see you through the winter months.

The High Bun

The high bun is one of the best natural hairstyles to give you a sleek, polished look, keeping the hair off your face and tightly held up so the wind can't touch it. All you need is a couple of hair bands, a few kirby grips, a ribbon or scarf, and a sock!

Cut the foot end from the sock, you don't need that bit. (Obviously, use one that you're happy not to wear any longer). Turn your head upside down and brush all your hair, securing it into a ponytail on the top of your head. Then pull your hair through the sock tube that you have made.

Fan your hair around the sock so that it is all covered. Now secure this with another hair band and use your kirby grips to pin any loose bits of hair up around the hair band. You can then tie the ribbon or scarf around the bottom of the bun for a classy, chic look.


The Fishtail Plait

Plaits are an awesome natural hairstyle to use if you have not had time to thoroughly blow dry your hair. The difference with the fish tail plait is that instead of taking each section of hair 'over' the middle strand as you plait, you take each section 'under' the middle strand while plaiting. This gives your hair a gorgeous mermaid style braid that really stands out (literally).

Also, you'll find that when you take your fishtail plait out, your hair will have gorgeous natural waves, so this is perfect if you're planning a night out later.


The 'Bed Mess'

As natural hairstyles go, this has got to be the easiest! The premise with this is that rather than trying to keep your hair tame, you let it go wild! All you need for this bohemian look is some good hair straighteners and your choice of pretty hair grips.

Divide your hair into two halves and let each half rest over each shoulder. Starting on one side, take random sections of hair and us your hair irons to add some curls. Make sure you are as random as possible! Some curls should be tight, others loose. Leave some sections straight. When you have done this on both sides, let the curls cool and then run your hands through them to create your 'bed mess'. Then simply choose some strands of hair to pick back away from your face.

So you see, the winter months needn't be an ongoing struggle with unruly hair! Give these natural hairstyles a go, and instead of battling with your hair you can spend your extra time drinking hot chocolate and planning your summer holidays. :-)