Valentine's day is just around the corner, so it's officially the month of love! What better hairstyle to have for hairstyle of the month than these half-up 'romantic' curls!

This hairstyle works well for almost any type of hair, from fine to thick, and any length from shoulder length down. The only things you'll need are a good set of hair straighteners, a fine comb, some hairspray and a pretty hair clip. The size of the hair clip you will need just depends on how thick your hair is; the clip needs to be big enough to hold up around half of your hair.

If you're planning a special night out, how about treating yourself to a new hair clip that will match your outfit? Coordinate!


Half-Updo - Romantic Curls


Curls hold their place better on hair that hasn't just been washed. Ideally, you should wash your hair the day before you want to create this style.

Spritz your hair with some heat protection spray and you're ready to get started!


  • First we'll be adding some volume to the top of the hair. Take hold of a section of hair around your crown and hold it directly up into the air. Using your fine comb gently back-comb the hair that is facing backwards (the underneath section).
  • Create more volume and height than you want for your finished hairstyle - it will drop a little as you finish the style. 
  • Let go of this section of hair so it's resting on the top of your head and run your comb over the top just to smooth it out a little (without brushing out any of the back-combing you've just done!). Use some hairspray to hold the back-combing in place. 
  • Now it's time to create some curls! Take 1-inch sections of hair and run your straighteners through then, twisting as you go to create a curl. You're not going for tight curls, just loose waves so you don't need to hold the straighteners in place for long.

    You also don't need to curl every bit of your hair. Just take several large chunks and add those waves. 
  • Now get your clip in place! Run your thumbs from the tops of your ears to the back of your head. Take that top section of hair and secure it in your clip.

  • Finally, pull a few strands loose from around the front so they frame your face. Use your hair straighteners to add a bit of extra curl to these pieces. Finish off with a little hairspray. Wait five minutes for you hair to cool and the curls to set, then run your fingers through the curls to give them a slightly messy look. Now you're good to go! 

So there you have it. A simple, super-romantic look for you to wear this month, whether you're going out on a special date or because you just want to feel like a princess for the sake of it!