When you see a woman with lush, thick hair, it can be easy to envy her. However, as anyone who actually has long, thick hair will tell you - managing it can be rather challenging. Finding hairstyles for thick hair that don't weigh down your head, or take half the day to do, can be quite a chore.

Beautiful beach waves are a fantastic idea for anyone with long, thick hair. Tumbling curls that are slightly messy look feminine and effortless. They are super-cute, easy to create, last through the day and really make the most of your long tresses. 

hairstyles for thick hair - beach waves


What Hair Styling Tools and Products Will You Need?

The only hair tool you'll need is a good set of wide hair straighteners. The very best kinds now feature tourmaline-infused plates.The wider-plated variety is perfect for creating hairstyles for thick hair.

Whether you have tourmaline straighteners or not, it can also be a good idea to use some heat protection spray first. Make sure you also have some good hairspray to set your curls in place once you have finished.

How to Create Your Beach Waves

When you're making your beach waves, remember that they don't have to be perfect. That's one of the great things about creating beach waves; they are supposed to be free and a bit messy!

Step 1: Separate the top and bottom layers of your hair using clips, so you are only working with one layer at a time.

Step 2: After your straighteners have heated up, take a 1-inch section of hair, a few inches from the roots and clamp it in your hair straighteners.

Step 3: Holding your straighteners horizontally, move your hair straighteners down the length of your hair, gradually twisting it round as you go. Move them in a smooth motion. Most importantly don't stop! You can cause dents in your hair if you do.

Step 4: As you reach the tips of your hair, clamp your hair straighteners together with less pressure so that the curliness of the ends tapers nicely. As you get more experienced, you can also try angling your straighteners downwards as you get to the ends to give more of a spiral effect. Alternatively you can release the straighteners before you go over the tips so that your hair doesn't go overly curly.

Step 5: Move onto the next section of hair and continue the process until you have finished.

One thing to remember, when you have finished styling each section of hair - don't touch it! You should leave it alone until it has completely cooled down, and this is true for any heated hairstyles for thick hair. A rough guide would be to leave your hair completely untouched for 5 minutes after you have finished curling the last section.

When you are ready, you can run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls and then finish with some hairspray to keep your gorgeous beach waves in place through the day.