Long hair is lovely. Long hair is romantic. Having shiny, cascading locks flatters any face shape or size. There's just one problem, which anyone woman with long hair will happily confirm: washing and drying it is practically a military operation, and styling can take ages! So, as usual, we're here to help with some hairstyles for long hair that will take you 5 minutes or less.

Yep, you read that right - 5 minutes or less! (This doesn't include washing and drying - we're not miracle workers). But here's a tip - if you want to drastically reduce your hair's drying time, make sure you invest in a hair dryer that uses ionic and infra-red technology

Long Hair

Braided Bun

Part your hair on one side and braid it into one big braid on the opposite side of your head, starting just behind the ear lobe. Once you braided all your hair, wrap the length of the braid around the base of the braid to create a bun, and secure it with grips. If your hair is on the heavy side you can use a hair band to secure it first. Pull out some loose strands around your head and you're done.

Bed-Head Curls

When you curl your hair you don't have to curl the whole lot for it to look good. Instead, choose a few random strands around your head, curl with some good hair tongs, and then use some texturising spray to create movement through the whole of your hair.

Use a Hair Bandana

Hair bandanas are wonderful for hairstyles for long hair. Simply wrap one around your head from the top of your head to behind your ears, leaving the length of your hair coming out from underneath it. Grab this length of hair and twist it round and round to the ends, then simply fold it up over the bottom of the bandana and tuck it in. You can secure it with kirby grips if you wish.

Random Plaits

The thing with 5-minute hairstyles for long hair is to stay away from trying to do anything that's perfect! With this in mind, taking random selections of hair and adding in some plaits is a great way to add some style without worrying about the time it will take. Make sure you have plenty of small hairbands the colour of your hair and just plait away. You can even do this on the bus to work.


I know this might sound like a cop-out hairstyle idea, but honestly, a few pretty hair clips will go a long way. Especially if you have naturally curly hair - just grab some hair sections and pin them away from your face with some glitter and sparkle. It couldn't be easier.

Fast Boho

Make two small plaits, one on each side of the head using the hair that frames your face. Then bring both plaits round to the back of your head and secure them together using a hair band so you have created a natural headband around your head. Tease the hair around the crown of your head to add some volume and you're good to go.

There are plenty of different hairstyles for long hair that take 5 minutes or even less! Experiment with your hair until you get 2 or 3 styles that you can do in a flash. They make take a little practice at first, but within no time, you'll be able to style your hair so quickly that you'll wonder what to do with the extra time on your hands.