The thing about long hair is it can take a lot of time to style - simply because you've got so much hair to contend with. It can be easy to become discouraged, and if you're not careful you can find yourself rushing to your nearest hairdressers so that you can chop it all off and have done with it. Imagine what would've happened if Rapunzel had the same attitude!

The bottom line is that beautiful long tresses can be the envy of everyone as soon as you have mastered the trick of being able to style it - without it taking hours!

 Hair tools

What you need is a good solid hair-care regime and the best tools with which to transform your hair into one of the many styles available to you. Put simply, the more hair you have, the more options you have. Not only that, with the high-end hair tools and hairstyling products available to you today, you can literally have any kind of hairstyle you want.

Straight hair can be rendered wavy or even curly, and curly hair can be made straight. With the straighteners and curlers available today, often featuring cutting edge technology like Carnelian to release negative ions into your hair as you style it, there is no need to worry about your hair becoming fatigued and losing its lustre.

Here Are the Top Hair Tools You Need for Long Hair:

  1. A good hair-dryer - think of this as an investment... in you! A good hair-dryer will pay for itself many times over. We've all used those cheaper hair-dryers. You'll probably remember that they leave your hair dry, prone to split ends and also take forever to properly dry your hair. So do not be afraid to splash on a high-end, salon-standard model. The time you save and the fact that you can use the right settings for your hair will pay dividends when it comes to caring for your long hair.

  2. A good set of brushes - The best two hair brushes for long hair are a large paddle brush and a large round brush with a metal inner tube. Don't try to get grooming with smaller sized brushes when you've got a lot of hair to deal with, it'll take too much time. When drying your hair, use the metal round brush because the inner tube will heat up as you dry and help to dry your hair more quickly.

  3. Wide-plated hair straighteners - this is a bit of a controversial choice. Some people swear by curling wands and some people swear by hair straighteners for curling your hair. If you have very long hair, and especially if it's thick too, you are better off using wide-plated hair-straighteners for your curling needs. If you use anything else you'll find that your curls drop out more quickly and that it's difficult to even make the curls in the first place.

Finding the best hair tools for you might be a matter of trial and error. But hopefully with this short guide, you'll be well on the way to tooling up with what you need to quickly and effectively style your long hair day in day out.