Let's face it, your hair always looks great after getting a professional to do it, but sometimes it seems just impossible to get those results at home. Never fear. There is always a way. And our hair care tips for blow drying your hair will help!

Just ask yourself what are the little things that your stylist does to achieve these incredible results every time? Of course, the fact that they are fully-paid professionals makes a difference, but a good deal of what gives them that edge is the extra know-how they apply to the task. It's often the little things that make a big difference. 


hair care tips


Here are a few simple pro-techniques you can apply to get gorgeously smooth hair at home.

  • Pre-dry your hair first as much as possible (with gentle towel drying).
    This decreases the amount of time spent drying with heat and is, therefore, less damaging to your hair. The hair care tips that really make a difference are the ones that keep your hair at its healthiest. Allow a little extra time for the whole drying process. If you can, always use the lowest heat setting possible, so that your hair doesn't get too hot for too long. 
  • If you haven't got a lot of time, just dry the roots and the front.
    Leave the rest to dry naturally. You may even find that this mixture of drying styles gives your hair a chance to be itself, and you have the neatness of a well-styled hair-do, but with a tinge of devil-may-care body and wave too.  
  • Use a hairbrush that will cut down on the time you spend drying.
    Hair care tips for when you're drying your hair are not just about what you do - they're about what tools you use to. Try using a hairbrush with a metal core. These things can significantly speed up the drying time, as the middle of brush heats up too. A really good brush may be a little more of an investment, but a good one will last longer, be easier to maintain, and will save more and more time the more you use it. 
  • Keep your hair-dryer at least 8 inches away from your hair.
    This will help spare your hair from the full heat of the dryer, making it much easier to keep your hair smooth. Because you're not directing lots of wind straight into your hair, you should find you need less product to keep your hair manageable. 
  • When drying, keep your hair dryer moving constantly.
    You want to avoid heating one place for too long - the idea is to keep the heat spreading throughout your hair, not blasting one bit until it's done and then moving on to the next bit. 

Perhaps the very best hair care tip with regards to blow drying is to get a great hair-dryer. Consider investing in one with some of the cutting-edge added extras that you mostly only find on top salon models like infra-red heating and negative ion generators.

These things help to dry hair faster while also giving an added level of protection. Don't neglect to condition you hair regularly too. Once a week or so, try to let it dry naturally. It's great to do this whenever you can because your hair loves it! This lets natural oils and moisture levels balance themselves out, giving your hair a chance to reset itself and helping restore its natural shine. Beautifully healthy and shiny hair can be yours once you apply these hair care tips for blow drying your hair!