What’s not to love about this time of year? The sun’s shining and temperatures are rising. The chances are you’re feeling pretty relaxed at the moment – and your hair can too, thanks to our hairstyle of the month tutorial! In no time at all, you can achieve the kind of gorgeous, gentle waves that are absolutely perfect for the merry month of May.

This natural-looking style works well with most lengths of hair and is ideal for adding volume and bounce to fine hair. It’s a great look if you’re growing out a bob and have reached that tricky ‘in-between’ stage when your hair’s not quite short or long, because it’ll give your locks shape without looking fussy.

Another benefit of gorgeous, gentle waves is they’ll take you effortlessly from day to night.

gentle waves

Step One

Before you begin, make sure your hair’s dry. Give it a blast with your hair dryer, if necessary.

Brush your hair, and then ruffle it with your fingers to give it some body.

Step Two

Lightly spritz your locks with a hair primer, which will get them ready to be styled, as well as acting as a barrier against air pollution and any other nasties you may encounter when you step outside. Alternatively, use a heat protection spray.

Step Three

Pull the top half of your hair up onto the crown of your head and secure it with a scrunchy or jaw clip, leaving the bottom half of your hair hanging loose.

Step Four

Now’s a good time to warm up your curling wand; a 25mm or 32mm diameter barrel is ideal for loose waves.

For salon-quality results, it’s always worth using a state-of-the-art curling wand with a tourmaline barrel. It’ll make your hair exceptionally smooth and protect its natural oils, while also giving you long-lasting waves.

Step Five

Take a small section of hair (roughly 5cm wide) from the bottom layer and glide a comb through it in order to make it easier to work with. Hold your curling wand at a slight angle in relation to the section of hair, so that the handle is higher than the barrel. Starting halfway down the section and working towards the end, carefully wrap your hair around the barrel. Wait a few seconds or so, and then unwind it.

Curl more sections of hair in the same way until the bottom layer is complete. Remember to curl each section away from your face and avoid going near your scalp – this will help to make the style playful and relaxed instead of overly structured.

Step Six

Now you’re ready to curl the top layer. Part your hair in the middle and repeat the process described above, except for one key difference. Start curling a third of the way down each section instead, giving the most visible parts of your hair extra bounce.

You could intersperse 5cm-wide sections with thinner ones to create more visual interest.

Step Seven

Here comes the crucial part of this tutorial: lightly sweep a brush over your hair, transforming your well-defined curls into gorgeous, gentle waves. The aim is to soften the shape and style; you don’t want to brush the curl out completely.

Step Eight

Now for some finishing touches! Enhance your gentle waves with a subtle shimmer: spritz them with a gloss spray or run a tiny amount of Argan oil through your hair. You could also set the waves with hairspray – just a touch will do, as this style is all about movement.

And there you have it – gorgeous, gentle waves for May!