We don't know about you, but here at H2D, we have no intention of 'growing old gracefully' or letting a little thing like age get in the way of feeling young and free. The media can take a running jump as far as we're concerned. We find ourselves identifying more with the likes of Helen Mirren and Susan Sarandon when it comes to how to age with style

Let's face it, most 20-year-olds today may have youth on their side, but they certainly didn't invent having fun, and they don't have a monopoly on being trend-setters, far from it. As you pass 40 you may be giving in to the pressure and be starting to feel like your best days are behind you. Don't succumb to the brain-washing! Now is the best time of your life. Enjoy it!

easy hairstyles

So, with this in mind, we are proud to present our top three easy hairstyles for women over 40. Hold onto your slippers! Here we go:

1. The Organic Curls

What do we mean by 'organic curls'? Surely it's a bit late for any of us to apply for organic certification, and you certainly won't find these curls at your supermarket! Organic curls simply mean any curls that look soft and natural, and not forced in any way.

Curls like this give you a youthful, carefree look. Over-styling can be very ageing since people often use it to compensate for the fact that they think their best days are long gone. Only if you think that way.

Remember, it's best to stay away from harsh cuts and jagged lines. Go for a look that shows you at your confident best - alluring and playful at the same time.

2. The Deep Side-Parting

Having a deep side parting in your hair can naturally inject extra volume, style and pizazz without having to go for a crazy haircut. It gives your hairstyle an asymmetrical look which is very flattering for all face shapes. Deep hair-partings look especially great on bob haircuts or if you've got side swept fringe.

3. The Triple 'S' (Straight, Sleek and Shiny)

Nothing says youth like healthy-looking hair. And nothing shows off your hair off at the maximum levels of health and shine like the sleek and shiny look. If you don't have some already, get some excellent hair straighteners.

Go on, treat yourself to a set with Carnelian plates and a negative ion generator. A quick blast of your favourite de-frizzer or shine spray and you're away. Remember, today's best straighteners actually re-invigorate your hair as you style and add incredible smoothness. Perhaps this one should be the Four 'S's - Soft, Straight, Sleek and Shiny!

So you see, you don't have to let age get in the way of the important business of enjoying your life and looking good. Try one of these easy hairstyles and feel the vigour of youth returning!