Curly hairstyles are all the rage at the moment. It doesn't matter how long or short your hair is or whether you're getting ready for a night out or a day at the beach, adding some curls to your hair is a fantastic way to change up your style and mood.

There's a wonderful selection of tools that you can use to create your curls, from heated rollers to curling wands or hair tongs, or even the 'au natural' method of braiding your hair when wet and letting it dry into waves. As a result, the challenge is not how to get curls into your hair - it's how to make them stay there!

Curly Hairstyles

You've probably experienced the frustration of spending time creating perfectly curly hairstyles that you love, only to have the curls drop out two hours later leaving you with less-than-desirable, limp, wannabe curls. Well, you don't have to feel that frustration any more! Just follow our tips below and you'll have bouncy curls from dusk to dawn.

  1. Use the Right Products
    The range of hair products available these days is fantastic. Find yourself a curl holding product that suits your hair and use it! Yes, natural is best and always use the minimum amount of product that you need to hold your style. But if you haven't tried using products especially for holding curls, you'll be amazed at the difference it can make.
  2. Always Let Your Hair Cool Down
    When you're creating curly hairstyles, the most important thing that will affect its staying power is whether you have let it set and cool down enough before styling it further. Very often women will curl their hair with curling tongs and as soon as the curl is made, they'll run their fingers through it or try to style it in some way. This pretty much ensures that the curl will drop out a lot faster. You need to leave your hair completely alone for at least 5 minutes after creating your curls before you finish styling.
  3. Get Layers
    Having layers cut through your hair will take a lot of weight out. This means that when you create your curls, they will be lighter and bouncier and much more able to hold their shape for longer.
  4. Don't Bother Washing
    Your hair doesn't need to be washed every day, in fact doing so can dry your hair out because you are stripping the natural oils from it on a regular basis. A big bonus of not washing your hair is that it will curl far more easily and stay curly longer if it's not squeaky clean.

  5. Upgrade Your Curling Equipment
    Curling equipment has come a long way from the standard heated rollers or rag ties of yore. If you can, upgrade to some top rated rollers, or curling wands and hair straighteners that use infrared technology and tourmaline plates/wands to really give your curls a head start when it comes to staying power.

As you can see, with just a few little changes you'll be able to create beautiful curls that last all day. For extra advice, you can always talk to your hair stylist about the kinds of curly hairstyles you'd love to create and let them show you the how the professionals do it.