Whether you call them fringes or bangs, there is no doubt that the fringe has made just a huge comeback over the last few seasons, primarily as an accompaniment to short or mid-length styles. But now, long hair styles are moving away from ultra-long face-framing pieces, and catching up with the "fringe benefits" that other hairstyles have been enjoying for months!

There are lots of different types of fringes that you could try out with long hair styles. It all depends on what kind of look you're after and how much time you're willing to spend on styling your fringe each day. And, of course, how often you're willing to get it trimmed.

Here are some of the best fringes for long hair styles for 2016.

 best fringes for long hairstyles

Blunt, Heavy Fringe

This kind of fringe will suit you best if you have an oval shaped face and long, straight hair. It will work with either thick or fine hair. Quite a lot of hair goes into this fringe so it sits heavily on your forehead, just below your eyebrows. It draws a lot of attention to your eyes, so if they are your best feature, this is a great way to show them off. Be aware that you will have to have your hair trimmed regularly to maintain this fringe in all its glory. Having a load of untidy, different lengths of hair growing down into and over your eyes can become very annoying very quickly!

Short, Side-Swept Fringe

If your long hair style has a lot of layers in and has quite a choppy look, adding a fringe that is short in the middle and longer at the ends which you can sweep to either side, will complement it perfectly. This is a sassy kind of fringe, and its shorter length means you won't have to get it trimmed as often.

Feathery Fringe

Feathery fringes can be as long or as short as you want them. They are feathered so that there isn't too much weight in them and they can easily be styled to the side, with a centre parting or any way you want to style them. Feathered fringes suit long hair styles that are also quite light, so if you have a lot of layers or your hair is very fine this could be the one for you.

Fringe With Volume

You can create a big, bouncy fringe by having it cut to around cheekbone length, and then drying it with a large round brush or a large curling wand. Big fringes will suit long hair styles that are also big and bouncy. So those of you with natural curls, or who like to regularly curl your hair could try this style.

Curved Fringe

A curve fringe starts fairly short at the top of the nose and gradually lengthens as it comes round to your ears. This is a fantastic fringe for softening facial features and looks really great when you put your hair back into a pony-tail. It takes a lot of weight out of thick hair, which means less styling time overall. This fringe does require regular trims though to keep it in shape.

So there you have it, some of the most popular fringes for long hair styles today. Are you brave enough to take the chop? Go for it!